The Prodigious Snob

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 7:41:40 PM

Beverley Theatre Company will be performing the classic farce, 'The Prodigious Snob', at the Memorial Hall in May. The play is an adaptation by Miles Malleson of the French playwright, Moliere's 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme' which follows the original fool of social climbing, Monsieur Jourdain, as he attempts to become 'a man of quality'. The play will be performed between the 14th and the 17th May.

Jourdain's painful and naïve efforts to blunder his way up the social ladder are both ridiculous and absurd to everyone except himself. He tries his hand at dancing, music, fencing and philosophy and bedecks himself in the fashions of France, while his goodly and earnest wife Madame Jourdain bemoans him for “Rushing headlong down into the path of aristocracy”.

The sub-plot revolves around an entanglement of love and desire as Jourdain desperately tries to prevent his daughter Lucille marrying anyone of equal or lesser social standing. She is being pursued by the charming and honest Cleonte, accompanied by his trustworthy servant Covielle (who's also intent on Lucille's handmaiden Nicole). When Cleonte's request to marry Lucille is rejected by Jourdain, his trusty servant spurs into action to concoct an imaginative and farcical plot to trick Jourdain in allowing his daughter to marry Cleonte.

The production is the first to be directed by Zoe Conley, who re-joined the company in 2012 after returning from training at Manchester's School of Theatre. Zoe says, “ Classical theatre is my passion, and I always wanted to return to the company and direct a big, flamboyant, period production. This one is in keeping with the period of the play, set in 1670's France, with full costume, wigs, make-up, and musical scores. It's going to be a real treat!”

As well as a cameo appearance from Zoe, the play features some regular performers and some newcomers in a large cast. Pamela Day, Stephen Haller, Anthony Musgrave, Steve Jordan, Helen Wild and Kate Henderson all feature along with a first appearance for Mark Pattinson, Ed McGee and Isaac Scott.

The company continue to recruit, so anyone interested in acting or production activities can send an email to: or alternatively, call the Membership Secretary Angela Chapman on 07768 295165 for an informal chat.

‘The Prodigious Snob’ is at the Memorial Hall, Beverley from Wednesday 14th May to Saturday 17th May, starting at 7.30 pm each evening. A licensed bar will be open before the performance and during the interval. Tickets are available from the Tourist Information Centre and Haller’s Shoe shop in Beverley or on the door each night. Ticket prices are £6 Adults, £5 Concessions and £17.50 for a family ticket (2 adults, 2 children).